Edgemont & Upper Capilano Community Association (EUCCA - formerly ECA)

Who, why, what, where..

A non-profit group formed in 1992 by residents of Upper Capilano who consider Edgemont Village to be their "Town Centre" and want to play a pro-active role in issues which effect the liveability of the commercial area and the residential neigbourhoods.

Our area is bounded on the west by the Capilano River, on the north by Grouse Mountain, on the east by Mosquito Cr, by the Trans-Canada highway to the south.

Voluntary membership dues now $5/year per family. Meeting are usually held on a Wednesday in the Potlatch Rm at the Capilano Library, 3045 Highland Blvd. Meetings last from 7pm to 9:30pm with a coffee break at about 8pm.

More details on EUCCA can be found in the "Organization and Procedural Rules" adopted by the Executive on May 22/2013 and by acclamation at the October 23/2013 General Meeting.

The SIX (6) Sites Identified in 1999 OCP for Redevelopment

The OCP (Official Community Plan) completed in 1999 designated 6 sites in Upper Capilano for possible redevelopment.

Site 1: - 3201 Edgemont & 3115 Crescentview

The existing house on 1 and 2 lots respectively are planned to be replaced by approx 20 and 25 low rise apartment units respectively, in the RL3-Rl2 Zoning Range. The maximum unit sizes are to be 900sq-ft with:

Site 3: - 3105, 3065 Capilano Rd, 3115-3175 Capilano Cr.

Maximum of 50 townhouses with RM3 zoning with:

Site 4: 3759-85 Edgemont Blvd

14 Townhouses being constructed (max 15 designated by OCP) with consideration to:

Site 5: 3431 Norcross

7 Townhouses proposed for large lot currently occupied by 1 home

Site 6: 4650 & 4670 Capilano Rd.

Currently 2 houses on 2 large lots, designated to become 17 townhouses or townhouses/apartment mix with RM3 zone range. Considerations are:

The EUCCA (formerly ECA) Executive Members - elected at Feb/2016 AGM were:

Arzoo Babul              3110 Brookridge Dr.         778-340-8766  arzoobabul@yahoo.com
Grig  Cameron            1063 Clements Ave.          604-980-6455  grig.cameron@shaw.ca
Adrian Chaster           3044 Crescentview Dr.       604-986-8887  adrian.chaster@gmail.com
Susan Hyam               2957 Aurora Rd              604-987-7896  susanhyam@gmail.com                              
Ron Johnstone            25-3750 Edgemont Blvd.      604-987-9444  rjstone@telus.net
Susan Kimm-Jones         1045 Ridgewood Dr.          604-986-0917  sekj@shaw.ca
Corrie Kost (Treasurer)  2851 Colwood Dr.            604-988-6615  corrie@kost.ca
Louise Nagle             3400 Aintree Dr.            604-987-2937  lnagle@shaw.ca
Brian Platts (Secretary) 3187 Beverley Cres.         604-985-5104  bplatts@shaw.ca
Peter Thompson           922 Clements Ave            604-985-5961  peterjthompson@shaw.ca


For more information contact:
Brian Platts, Secretary
3187 Beverley Cr.
North Vancouver,B.C. V7R 2W4
Tel: 604-988-6318
email: bplatts@shaw.ca Last updated Sep 5,2016